Detailed baby monitor article 0

Detailed baby monitor article

Just ran across this awesome article breaking down all the problems with “smart” baby monitors. Check it out:


Filtering content with Safari

If your family members use Apple products, then you’ll be glad to hear that filtering adult content is built-in and work well. This is one of the reasons that I regularly recommend giving young...

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Filtering the Internet

So your kids just got a new device. Maybe it was a gift, a hand-me-down or they saved for months to get it. Once connected, all the information they could want (and more) is...

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What is Bitcoin?

A lot of people ask me to explain bitcoin. Or blockchain. Or both. The most basic description, bitcoin is a currency much like any other currency (like cash, coins etc), except it’s only digital....


Protect your macs!

Update 12/4:¬†Apple has patched this – so make sure your mac is completely up to date by opening the app store. Yesterday it was discovered that there is a “root” account on every Mac...


Smart Watches for Kids

Saw an article today that cited some research on digital watches for kids and how they could be enabled for remote listening, location services… etc. Rather than give you my spin – here is...